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Connected Leadership: Addressing the Complexity


Leadership and Management in Cyberspace: A Review


by Carl Hunt I recently completed an editing job for an old friend who has been in the leadership and management consulting business for many years. My friend, Dr. Walt Natemeyer, owner of North American Training and Development, Inc., from my home town of Houston, was also my graduate advisor at the University of Houston at


Safety Tips for Holiday Shoppers

  by Ryan Harrison It's the time of year again for holiday shopping. A retailer's dream and a bank account's nightmare. Unfortunately, criminals take advantage of this season too and the joy of Christmas shopping has become overshadowed by the fear of scams and financial heartache. Don't fret...following a few simple steps can decrease your chance of encountering the bad side of holiday shopping.   Black Friday   If you plan to participate in Black Friday shopping, it can be crowded and hectic so be safe


Communication, Literacy and the Use of Technology

by Melissa Kettlewell


Education or Training: what’s the difference? Do we really care in this age of total connectivity? Everything’s connected to everything, isn’t it? This is the Information Age…why isn’t everyone informed, educated and trained to operate in cyberspace…why is this even an issue? Those in the business of preparing people to think and perform better in life are clear in distinguishing the difference between education and training. We need both but as


Relevant and Appropriate Education in Cyberspace

This week I had the privilege of talking about SENDS at the summer, 2011 meeting of the Coalition for Advancing Cybersecurity Education (CACE), in Dayton, OH. I’ve had a long-term relationship with the USAF’s Center for Cyberspace Research (CCR) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, and I’m not surprised that CACE would hold their meeting here. The CCR is also part of the CACE effort, and a cosponsor of SENDS. CACE is an “open” association in


Wrapping Up the SENDS Pilot Project

This past Wednesday, Craig and I delivered the SENDS Pilot Project Out-Brief to our government sponsors in the US Air Force Institute of Technology Center for Cyberspace Research and the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering. It was a challenge to capture a year’s worth of effort within a two-and-a-half hour presentation and demonstration, but it was also a stimulating experience. We had a great story to tell! You can follow along with the slides from the


In past blogs, we shared our thoughts about the future, the potential of virtual worlds and their use in developing the SENDS Center for the Science of Cyberspace (SCSC).  Let’s discuss what we have learned and how we visualize the virtual world component of the SCSC. Our journey began in the “real world” with the concept of a real brick and mortar facility; a very traditional approach requiring the expenses of a physical plant, its furnishings, and the corresponding


The Blogging Luddite: Leadership in Virtual Worlds

Last week, Craig and I presented an early glimpse of the SENDS Center for the Science of Cyberspace at the National Defense University’s Federal Consortium of Virtual Worlds (FCFW) Conference at Ft. McNair, Washington, DC. The conference itself was an amazing assembly of people and projects seeking to “explore multi-agency and intra-agency collaboration using the robust capabilities of virtual worlds, examining best practices across multiple sectors,” as the